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Friday, January 14, 2005
  Whitewashing the Rathergate Epilogue
For those who think I shouldn't be picking on that poor old man (Dan Rather), let me mention three more reasons why we all should be concerned.

First, the document piece was broadcasted on the public air-waves. This is not like the days of yellow jounalism when Hearst and Pulitzer hammered away at each other. To start with, they bought the paper on which they printed their stories. CBS does not own any of the public air-waves. Their ability to broadcast is a priviledge granted to them by our government; just like some of us are granted the priviledge to drive a car. Broadcasters, like drivers, are expected to follow the rules. The use of the air-waves to broadcast a single political agenda disguised as news is not allowed.

Second, laws were broken and laws should be enforced. Forgery of government documents is against both Texas State Law and Federal Law. If Dan Rather and CBS have clean hands, the luminol will wash away. If not, then they should face legal charges. This poor old man is not poor. He has earned millions as a news broadcaster. If he's young enough to work a full-time job, he's young enough to take full-time legal responsibility for his actions.

Third, these documents could have changed the outcome of a National Election. The public has a right to know where they came from. The government has a responsibility to protect the public from interference in our elections. This could be a National Security issue if the documents were prepared by a foriegn power or organization. At this point, what we don't know could be more important than what we do know.

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