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Friday, March 11, 2005
  Bang! They're Dead...
On Wednesday, March 9, 2005, Charles Hard Townes was awarded the 1.5 million Templeton Prize for progress in spiritual knowledge. Previously, this 89-year-old American physicist shared a 1964 Nobel Prize for his work on lasers. There is either a vast difference between these two prizes or there really isn't a difference at all.

Two years after his Nobel Prize, Townes suggested that science and religion were coming together. The materialists of the scientific community were stunned. They believed and still believe that physical matter is the only reality in the universe and that everything can be explained in terms of physical laws. They do not believe in religion or the existence of a God.

Townes suggested that there was no greater question facing humanity than discovering the purpose and meaning of life. Why was there something rather than nothing in the cosmos? He said that science was discovering how special our universe was and it raised the question of whether it was planned.

Almost four decades later, scientific materialists are finding themselves with some very large holes in some of their most precious theories. Global warming is being challenged by new research. Darwin's theory is not only being challenged by research, but by some in the educational community who are proposing that the theory of intelligent design should also be taught. The materialists in both the scientific and educational communities oppose this change.

To understand why scientific materialists and their allies in education, law, media, politics, etc. will strongly defend Darwin's theory and the concept of Evolution, one must grasp that the concept of intelligent design leads to a Designer and then to the concept of a Prime Mover or whoever pulled the trigger on the Big Bang. This path leads back to the science of philosophy (and it is a science) and the exercise of pure logic.

I remember watching a noted scientist on television who was belittling the story of creation. He pointed out that scientific fact had proven the world was not created in seven days. Which you can't say unless you know the length of the Prime Mover's day or, for that matter, whether or not the Prime Mover is restrained by time as a dimension or, for that matter, whether time is just another design of creation by the Prime Mover.

Einstein was once asked how he came up with his theories. He reportedly said that he tried to look into the mind of God. It is possible that Albert Einstein did a bit of reverse engineering starting with logical philosophical conclusions. His theory about unifying principles, the same principles which govern the atom must also govern the universe, may simply be the result of the logical and philosophical concept that a Perfect Being cannot have a contradiction or it wouldn't be a Perfect Being.

Wouldn't it be hilarious, if by exploring Einstein's therories, the scientific materialist were doing nothing more than retracing the path to intelligent design by a Prime Mover?

tom joseph
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