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Friday, March 11, 2005
  Constitutional Crisis?
The tactics of Democratic Senators could lead to a constitutional crisis. For more than 216 years, no political party has ever tried to use the filibuster rule to block a vote on presidential nominations to the federal bench.

Republican Senators have been trying to avoid a constitutional crisis by waiting out the situation in the hope that reason would prevail in the end.

More than forty Democratic Senators are acting against the Constitution by preventing a majority vote on judicial nominees through the unconstitutional use of a filibuster.

This crisis has gone on so long that it is no longer about the nominees. We may be Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc., but first we are all Americans. It should not be acceptable to the American people that those who we elect to the Senate choose not to recognize our Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Right now, Americans are risking their lives and some are dying in foreign lands in defense of our Constitution. We can not keep faith with our military if we do not defend our Constitution from politicians who act against it.

Can there be anything more hypocritical than Senators who say they oppose judicial nominees because they think the views of the nominees will prevent them from faithfully enforcing the law while they, themselves, blatantly act against the Constitution which they have given their word to uphold.

tom joseph
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