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Sunday, March 13, 2005
  Our Secret Weapons...
Shortly after the fall of Baghdad, America and the United Kingdom began deploying their secret weapons. There is no known defense against these weapons. We have deployed them before with historically recognized success. These weapons are our troops, the individual men and women who serve in Iraq.

Sometimes, what we don't see and hear is more important than what we do. Gone are the large street protests against our occupying forces. For more than 30 years, the people of Iraq have known police and troops as agents of a repressive state. Yet, in a matter of months, they have begun to accept our troops as agents of freedom and justice.

We are now deploying our ultimate secret weapon. It is also a weapon that has no known defense and the degree of its success is legendary. This fearsome weapon not only defeated the Axis Powers more than half a century ago, but just before this new century, also brought down the Soviet Block. This weapon is called Democratic Capitalism.

The Iraqi people have voted in a free election even though they were threatened with violence and death. They are proud of themselves and have every right to be. But before the elections, they began to experience a private sector economy free from government interference. This private sector is growing just as much as their thirst for political control of their own destiny. It is not likely that terrorism will defeat both political and economic freedom in Iraq.

tom joseph
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