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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
  Spinning Sgrena
Help me, God, because I cannot resist this tale told by an… probably best to skip any reference to Macbeth. It all starts with a communist reporter for a communist publication going to Iraq to report on those great patriotic insurgent freedom fighters who are busy killing people and destroying their own country.

Now, if you want to really report on these people, you have to get close enough to be kidnapped or killed or maybe even both. Apparently, Sgrena got close enough and was kidnapped. She says she told them she was on their side. Unfortunately for Sgrena, their side was more interested in ransom money. She reports they treated her well, but then, how well would they have treated her if they hadn't been paid? My guess is that she would have returned to Italy in a bag and a sack; her body in the bag and her….

Hello, Sgrena. Didn't anyone tell you the story about the scorpion getting on a turtle's back to cross a stream? In the middle of the stream, the scorpion stung the turtle and they both drowned. You see, the scorpion was just doing what scorpions do. These people are terrorists. They terrorize and murder innocent people. If their choice is between you and 72 virgins, I'll bet the virgins and give odds. The terrorists didn't give a damn about the media or politics in Italy. You were nothing, but a hostage for sale.

People who look for trouble usually find more than they can handle. While it's fair to say Sgrena brought this trouble on herself, it's not fair to say that anyone else deserved part of her problem. Whoever paid the ransom did not deserve the expense she caused. And certainly, the Italian intelligence officer did not deserve to loose his life because of her reckless behavior.

But then, Sgrena does have her story, doesn't she? Problem is the story keeps changing. The car was or wasn't speeding. Warning shots were or were not fired. The part where the U.S. military was trying to kill her in a rain of bullets is something else. Our boys and girls had enough firepower to stop the charge of the Light Brigade dead in its tracks and Sgrena's saying something like: "Ha, you missed me."

Today, we have pictures of the car and the rain of bullets looks more like a situation of limited fire directed to stop the vehicle. This is not a case of troops panicking and firing all their rounds at the car. There's going to be an investigation and more questions will be asked and answered.

What really bothers me is that once again an awful lot of the American media jumped all over this story as if our military would be guilty of whatever Sgrena wanted to say.
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