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Monday, March 14, 2005
  UN Stay or UN Go?
I am just as angry, irate, livid, pissed, etc. as most Americans. But sometimes being intelligent about how we respond, can make retribution even sweeter. Not that long ago, Secretary of State Colin Powell was lied to, then set up for an international diplomatic & political ambush at a private UN meeting by Domineque de Villepin, the French Foreign Minister. Now, Secretary Powell could have beaten the crap out of the little French sh-t, like many of us would have wanted to do, but he showed the good judgment and the kind of restraint a Secretary of State must have.

On January 30th, the people of Iraq ignored threats on their lives and went out to vote. My guess is that, years from now, the world will remember Colin Powell taking a stand against the terrorist government of Saddam and no one will think about that little French sh-t who worked so hard to prevent the US from toppling a bloody tyrant.

To be honest, I am angrier with the French and "old Europe" than I am with the UN because I expected better behavior from old Europe. Before we throw the UN out of the US, let's think intelligently. It is a lot easier to catch corruption, greed, and inefficiency when the UN Headquarters sits in New York City. If they moved to Europe, Belgium for example, they would probably plot and plan against our interests even more than they already do and it would be harder to stop.

This does not mean we should not extract a price for what the UN has done or for what it has failed to do. Certainly, the Oil -for -Food scandal gives the US Congress more than enough justification to hold back some of our 20% financial support. And since the UN's expensive bureaucracy wants us to help them build a new and better headquarters complex…. Make no mistake about it; we're talking 'when hell freezes over' or when they clean up their act kind of leverage here.

It is true that the UN is an almost useless and almost worthless organization when it comes to doing the really big good deeds. But it is the only worldwide organization we have for doing the small good deeds. And, if it weren't for this, then everyone would expect us to do everything. With the Tsunami, we were among the first with the most and just as important, we will leave shortly. The UN will be in charge and if everything turns into a mess, we can't be blamed.

Old Europe may be the more important problem. The French have gotten it into their big heads that something must be done to offset the US as the world's only superpower. They may soon try to turn some of the alliances they have built against specific US actions and policies into a more formal group of anti-US nations. At least with the UN, we can count on that organization for not doing anything that is difficult or has risks.

Let's leave the UN in New York. At least there, we can put them under financial siege and starve them into submission.

tom joseph
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